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she's a party girl with a bad habit, bad habit for drugs...

she's a slut and she knowwsss it

mistress cuppycake
17 February 1984
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I'm a social worker by day. and uh... a cat snuggler by night? I don't know yet.
36 dd jugs, at it like rabbits, being born on 2/17, biomass farms, booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobies, breaking pink ipods, brokenheart's education, bum magic, buying kashi, cocktoberfest, crashing but not burning, dangerous laundry days, electric underpants, elvas, escaping retail jobs, fake shiny jewelry, fat little pug dogs, febrezing the planet, feeling up myself, half full water glasses, hanging with my gnomiez, having a milkshake breakfast, hugging paranoid androids, humping misses butterworths, kissing during natural disasters, making grunting noises, mini juice boxes, mohawk willy, mr. boogie, not having genderz, not wearing stretch pants, orangina in the mouth, petting bald kittens, predicting the ending, put the lotion on, selling toothless cats, silly germans, singing "lalala" and "wahoohoo", singing oh jerusalem, slooooooooth, sneaking in candy bars, stich but not lilo, telephones on vibrate, throwing away pencil shavings, waking up at 11:11, watching vegitarians eat meat, yelling at the televion